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Custom Made wonder Dogs!

Meet Polly the Mohair Chow.(Above) Polly is inspired by Polly Curtiss, the original Wonder Chow! Polly is nine inches long and six inches tall to the shoulder. She is made from one inch long imported Schulte mohair,has glass eyes, is fully jointed and has painted ultra suede paw pads. She wears a hand knit sweater.
K.C. Conrad(above) is a beautiful dog who was the inspiration for K.C. the newest mohair Chow. K.C. now lives with the real K.C. and her family.

Rego the Greyhound
Matted Mohair, glass eyes, hand made leather leash and collar. Full armature. 13"L 9"H at the shoulder. 11" at the head.
Tiny Alice the Pomeranian
Long Schulte mohair, glass eyes, joints and armature.
6 1/2" L 4" H $145

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