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The Master Thespians have arrived!

Meet Nessel DeWynter who is one of the new Master Thespian Bears. Here is Nessel in his most famous role: HAMLET.

"Alas, poor Yorick, I knew him, Horatio."

Nessel as Hamlet is 22 inches tall and has his own
removable Yorick so he is never typecast.

More Master Thespian Bears will be appearing in the coming days.

Ruin's Bruins:

Nessel DeWynter is the patriarch of the famous DeWynter family
of Master Thespians. Perhaps not since the Booth clan has a family
so dedicated themselves to the art of acting. Pictured below is
Nessel who wears his curly finish, honey color mohair with pride.
He is 22 inches tall, a big talent and a lot of bear.
In his paw is Yorick, his childhood Jester.
Nessel DeWynter is $235 which includes his hand crocheted
collar and Yorick.
Nessel can be ordered without Yorick for $220. Of course he is fully jointed and has glass eyes, as do all Ruin's Bruins.

The scene pictured below shows Hamlet and Ophelia in a lost scene
from the play where Hamlet tenderly gives Ophelia a flower
before making her life miserable.
Hamlet is portrayed by Nessel DeWynter Jr. who is a chip off
the big Nessel at 16 inches tall. A handsome dark honey mohair
bear, Nessel hopes to follow in his father's big paw prints. To that end
he too comes with his own hand crocheted collar and removable
Yorick, just like dad!
Bring Nessel Jr home for$170.
Without Yorick he is $160. Ophelia is portrayed in all her glory by Rebecca DeWynter,
Nessel's daughter. She is 16 inches tall and is decked out
in blond mohair. She is $160.

Word has just come in that Nathan DeWynter, the big guy below is mulling over an offer to play
Falsatff! Nathan at a brawny 20 inches is $200.

Please welcome Baby Nessel to the Master Thespians Family!
Baby Nessel is 10 inches tall and is a chip off the big Nessels.
Baby Nessel is $100.
His picture will be up soon!

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