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The Count and Rose

Count Bearen Von Bruin is a fourteen inch aristocrat made of brown mohair. He wears a hand crocheted black cape lined in red satin, a white hand crocheted shirt front with black buttons and a black crocheted bow tie. He is very handsome and charming and wouldn't mind travelling to a new home as long as it isn't by oceanliner. The Count is still trying to recover from his experience on the liner Titanic. As you can see he survived, but only to be hounded by rumors that he secured a place in a lifeboat by claiming to be an expert yachtsman. The truth will soon be told in the Count's upcoming autobiography: "The Life of an Honest Bear." ($155 for The Count, not his bio.)

Rose is a good friend of the Count. Having survived the sinking of the great liner Titanic, Rose is ready to resume her social life with the Count. Here she is dressed in a hand crocheted dress and headband. Rose met the Count on Titanic when they shared a lifejacket and a quick brandy before the ship went down. Theirs is a whirlwind romance marked by tragedy and triumph. They have no plans at this time to sue James Cameron for stealing their story for his Oscar winning film. Rose is 12 inches tall and is a blond mohair beauty with amber glass eyes. She is of course, fully jointed. $125

Rose's dear friend Atticus met her at the Chelsea Pier when the Carpathia docked there to return Titanic survivors. Atticus is a stalwart and steady bruin, 14 inches tall and always ready to give and get a hug. $140

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